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CCSO Solar Package Deals

Meeting our clients’ unique needs is our top priority.
Above are some typical options to indicate the costs involved.

What CCSO Solar Installations Offer

  • Customised Solar Solutions

    We will assist you in choosing a system tailored to your individual needs to achieve optimal benefit and convenience.

  • Energy Analysis

    When necessary, we will conduct an energy analysis by installing an energy meter to carefully assess your electricity usage profile.

  • PV GreenCard

    CCSO Solar is a PV GreenCard Certified Installer, ensuring that all installations comply with the highest safety and regulatory standards.

  • Quality Installations

    Our highly qualified and experienced solar installer team ensures high-quality installations and seamless execution. Backed by our dedicated office team, we prepare everything and keep you informed every step of the way, making your solar journey a pleasant experience.

  • COC Issued

    A Certificate of Compliance (COC) is issued for every solar and backup installation.

  • Handover Documentation

    Each client receives a comprehensive handover document containing all the relevant system documentation (technical design, supplier details for warrantees, datasheets, COC, photo record and more).

  • Online Monitoring and Remote Support

    Our systems can be monitored online. Our technical team monitor all systems on a regular basis to evaluate their performance. Adjustments can be made remotely on request.

  • On-site After Sales Support

    Our technical team is available for on-site support if an issue cannot be resolved remotely.

  • Solar Financing

    CCSO Solar partners with Merchant West Asset Finance to assist our clients with financing solutions for solar and backup systems.

Break free from the bills...
... and enjoy uninterrupted comfort

A concerned and discouraged person checking and calculating high and rising electricity bills.
A hand holding a lighted candle in a bronze candle holder next to an electrical DB Board in the dark during loadshedding of a power outage.

Say goodbye to generic solar solutions.

Say hello to a solar installation that is tailored just for you.

No two homes are the same, and neither should your solar installation be.

An off-the-shelf system may work for some, but we believe your solar solution should be customised to your specific needs. At CCSO Solar, we understand that a solar installation is a significant investment in your property.  If an installation is overdesigned, you will struggle to get a return on your investment, but if underdesigned, your system might not live up to your expectations.  That’s why we meticulously assess your electrical consumption profile to design the perfect solar system that ensures you get the most out of your investment.

Solar freedom awaits...

The CCSO Solar Process


Collecting client-specific information to propose a tailormade solar or backup system.


Assessment of data to design a system that suit your needs and gives the best value for money.


Each installation is preceded by a site visit to finalise the design.


Our office team ensures that everything runs smoothly and keeps our clients informed every step of the way.